Friday, July 18, 2008

Pain at the pump


Anonymous said...

Wow! This one practically had me rolling on the floor. Good job!

Unknown said...

hi name is cindy...i saw you on cnn yesterday...i've been home for a few weeks because recently my 02 vw new beetle, well it just died..the timing belt broke and ruined my entire engine...anyway long story short ever since i saw "who killed the electric car" i have really wanted an electric car!!!!! i live in NJ and drive 80 miles roung trip to work at the airport. i've been searching all over the internet for an electric car and keep seeing concept type cars that are not available did u get your rav4 to be electric? how can someone like myself...get something to be electric now.....i dont want to wait 3 more years....and now i'm actually renting a car while they try and fix my bent valves in my broke engine...and they say i should just sell this vw bug and get something else...but i really wanted my next major car purchase to be electric....its so frustrating!! anyway i'm sorry to go on and on...if u have any suggestions or websites or recommendations i would really appreciate email is thanks so much....cindy