Friday, February 6, 2009

Tesla Roadster does Dan

The Tesla Roadster made sweet sweet love to Dan Neil one recent weekend.
"God has grabbed me by the jockstrap and fired me off his thumb, rubber band-style. Wow."
For comparison's sake we get a detailed and fascinating blow-by-blow of the labored, mechanical foreplay required for an internal combustion engine to thrust forward the Porche he left for dead.

Neil is lyrical about everything you want to know about the performance ("explosively quick") and packaging ("[t]he Tesla interior is rather bare and ungracious") of the most anticipated electric car ever.

What's important is that after a weekend with the Roadster, he can see the future.
"...the Roadster is here now, a divine spark, an animating lightning stroke of a whole new kind of car industry."
You can read the full piece in the LA Times here.