Thursday, February 1, 2007

Exxon is #1!

NY Times reports:
Exxon’s profit rose 9 percent from 2005 results to a record of $39.5 billion, the largest annual profit ever for an American company.

Th!nk Resumes Production

The Norway Post reports that Th!nk Global will manufacture 500 Th!nk City electric cars in 2007, with production beginning in summer. No specifics about the battery type. The article states, "The new "Think" model will have improved batteries with a range of 180 km (111 miles) between charges and a top speed of around 100 km 60 mph)."

As for the supposed lack of demand for electric cars, according to the Norway Post story:
At the moment it is impossible to buy a new el-powered car in Norway and several thousand prospective buyers are on a waiting list.

In Norway, el-powered cars are favoured with no road tax and no parking fees, free pssage on toll roads, as well as being allowed to use the public transport lane on roads.