Monday, March 7, 2011

PlugShare creates guerilla network to charge electric cars

For years we've been hearing there's a chicken/egg situation with EVs. Consumers, it's often suggested, have rejected plug-in cars because there is no charging infrastructure. No, I've always said, we have a chicken problem. No plug-in cars. The infrastructure, ubiquitous electricity, exists.

Volts and LEAFs are being slowly delivered, but the public charge station rollout paid for by the feds is coming even more slowly, especially in places getting early vehicle allocations. And those that do exist are often encumbered by restrictions and fees.

PlugShare launches today, just in time. Radical democracy for plug-in cars. One doesn't even need an EV to participate. Strike a blow against Big Oil by letting cars plug in at your place.

Stories today in the SF Chronicle and NY Times.