Tuesday, July 22, 2008

CNN Report - My 3 minutes of fame

[Source: CNN]


Anonymous said...

Way to go!!
Keep up the good fight.

CelticSolar said...

Well Done Marc. I was happy to see that you have a PV system. You can not put an oil refinery in your backyard (not that you would want to), but one can (and you do) make your own 'fuel' for an EV with PV or residential wind turbines.

I had my own 20 seconds of fame when the local news interviewed me at our summer EV event.

Harold said...

Glad I found your blog, Mr. Geller. I've always had a mild interest in electric vehicles; they simply make the most sense. (Though not always economically; until now.) Folks seem to be finally seeing the big picture, and hopefully oil prices won't come down so far that the electric vehicle is pushed out of mind again.

Yesterday I finally visited Tesla Motors here in L.A. Good sales rep there, another fellow named Mark (Marc?). No pressure; once he began explaining technical details I told him it was unnecessary, that I wasn't in the market for the car -- but he still cheerfully told me everything I wanted to know about the vehicle. Might want to visit them sometime, if you're ever in the area.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Marc! Excellent interview.

The problem remains, no one can go out and buy a plug-in car.

The money you saved from not buying gasoline pays for your rooftop solar system; if people could buy plug-in cars, it would finance solarizing America without need for rebates or public money!

The only loser would be Chevron . . . that's why Chevron bought up control of the patents and suppressed Nickel batteries for plug-in cars.

Doug Korthof

-Aaron- said...

Finally at least SOME mainstream media coverage of EVs, and their coupling w/ PV systems, etc. to revolutionize our energy usage!

I live just blocks away from the 2nd Tesla store in Menlo Park--very cool stuff. Hopefully their eventually-to-be-released, smaller, regular passenger car and other practical, affordable EVs will be available for purchase sooner rather than later!

Do you (or does anybody who frequents this blog) know where I could get a mechanic to convert my '07 Prius to a PHEV 10 or 20? Like I said, I live in Menlo Park--what's around in the Bay Area?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Is anyone talking about the up-front costs here and the payback period? The Tesla, which is essentially an electric version of a $42,000 Lotus Elise, will (supposedly; promises, promises) sell for $105,000. What kind of payback period is that at $4/gallon gas -- 15 years?

That also leads one to question conspiracy theories re the EV-1, since 10 or 15 years after the EV-1, with all of the battery advances that have transpired, we are still seeing Tesla-like pricing premiums.

Harold said...

No doubt about it, Mr. Anonymous -- the Tesla is *expensive*. All good things cost, though -- and usually alot at first. Get the rich more concerned with the rest of the world (outside of their own little worlds) and perhaps enough of them will buy the first generation of expensive electrics so that the mid-income population will be able to afford the next gen Teslas.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the CNN feed. Great job! The past is something we can learn from,so who killed the EV? No one. It is alive today and we must water the seed that has been planted so many years ago. Who will kill the carbon car should be the next movie. Move forward not side to side.

Vote for "Pro-Electric Non-Carbon" people and we may see our efforts grow much faster. We need to educated the masses to let them know it is not miles per gallon but dollars per mile.

We should sell the rights to the oil in Alaska to China for $5,000,000,000. Pay off the debt and pay for all the new cars and support needed. And 100 years of healthcare too.

Keep up the work as you inspire me. I will do the same.

Tom Reidy
St Paul

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