Thursday, November 5, 2009

Al Gore plugs electric cars on Daily Show

Al Gore has probably been presumed to be a long-time booster of electric cars, but it hasn't always been so. Like many, he couldn't see past the dirty, coal-produced power many plug-ins would utilize, despite the environmental benefits. Now he's sees a EVs a'comin'.

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Aaron Turpen said...

I wish Al Gore would put a sock in it. That pompous ass.

Like he's ever owned, plans to own, or drives an electric car. Gimme a break. He's been filmed so many times cruising around in his convoy of SUVs that they leave running while he's in an event so the seats are warm and the air is dry that when he makes statements like this, people should just laugh at him and tell him where to shove it.

Why didn't that wuss Stewart call him on it?

Oh, wait, I forgot. You're not allowed to talk down to King Green.

Anonymous said...

Yah right. Like the symbiot Exxon/GM has had EV's available for how long? Oh wait. Never? Oh they had the EV-1, that's right. Where are they all now? Smooshed? Just who was Al, and the rest of us, to buy an EV from? Everyone I know who owns an EV had to build it themselves from scratch.

If you're looking for a pompous ass, go look in the mirror.

Chris M said...

Electric cars are useful in small doses, and can be beneficial for the environment. However, they cannot, and should not, be used to replace cars on the mass scale. We need more efficient long distance transportation systems for cargo and passengers, such as electrified rail.

Pedro Garcia Millan said...


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Anonymous said...

How about them thar e-mails, Mr. Gore?

Alexander said...

I have just come across this article and believe that electric cars are for the future however I believe that what is currently out in the market does not compete with petrol cars.

Unknown said...

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