Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dodge EV bests Dodge Challenger

We first heard about Chrylser's plug-in car plans at the end of September. Less than two months later Chrysler's EV guy Lou Rhodes held an impromptu drag race against his own best gasoline sports car. It doesn't surprise that the electric car outpaced the competition. That such a car was ready to show so quickly does.

How about tying the billions of bailout dollars to EVs on the road by the end of 2009? No one doubts that a base of early adopters is chomping at the bit for plug-in cars.

Check out Dan Neil's LA Times blog and view the race.


Anonymous said...

Is there a definitive update on what their EV plans are now? The original press releases said they were hoping to make ONE EV vehicle when they unveiled the prototype/concepts. Subsequently, every online web site seems to think they are going to make ALL of the EV vehicles.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again...
Chrysler, Ford and GM all participated in developing energy efficient cars in the 90's under C.A.R.B. requirements but they stopped their programs when the requirements were removed. So do I really believe Chrysler is going to make a production EV? No. It's a teaser to get government money. Check it out on the web, anyone with bucks (and Chrysler has enough to build one car) can by the inverters matched to the electric motors along with the programmable battery chargers to build your own electric car right now.

They can provide 240 kilowatt drive systems.



Here's a big list.

Building an electric car isn't rocket science. Don't let the car companies fool us into thinking an electric car is hard. It's the durability and cost of the battery, that's the issue... if people would realize that if you drive back and forth to work with one or two people in the car a small EV that does 80 miles on a charge would cover the vast majority of people. That what GM says with their Volt doing 40 miles electric. It would cover about 80% of the commuters. Strange the EV1 did over 120 miles per charge with NiMH batteries, but it's dead. The car companies are not in favor of electrics. Watch "Who killed the electric car" at your local video store or search youtube for bits and pieces to start your education.

Andrew Best said...

Does Anyone remember the Dodge Electric car concept that they made in the 90's sometime. I remember reading it in motor trend. It was red with black racing strips. Anyway, I think they had a AC motor on each wheel and it resulted in some great performance figures.

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B and W Hitch said...

That is great news. Good to see that hopefully all car companies will want to have plug in cars.

Anonymous said...

Lets face the truth. plug-in cars have better performance compared to fueled cars. So why are some people against this? What are they so much afraid of?

dGarry39 said...

About a decade later, many countries are turning into EV's and will be allowing them only EV's on their roads. This Dodge EV was one of the pioneers of the trend.