Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Subaru to Begin EV Sales in Japan in 2009

Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) has issued a press release, according to Green Car Congress, announcing that 2009 rather than 2010 will see the sales of the first 100 electric Subarus in Japan. FHI's President Ikuo Mori foresees the price down below $20,00 by 2012 for this subcompact, as production ramps up for the Lithium battery packs.


Anonymous said...

I am not intrested in car at all growing up in central Tokyo where transportation system is great. I have been thinking car-ride is too slow in Tokyo. My country produces tons of cars but i peraonally they reduce making it. the strees are narrow here and drivers are never paid atetntion of walkers. I the States, people need cars for transportation like in Kansas or Texas but cities like Tokyo, Sf should reduce it.
Visiting SF is good becasue I can go anywhere by myself from Telegraph hill!!
I saw a car sharing or rental place place near Lombard St, and it is good way to reduce cars.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope this means Subaru will start selling them in the USA in 2010. I have to hand it to Subaru --and Mitsubishi-- for focusing on pure EVs rather than either parallel or series hybrids. We don't need hybrid vehicles, but hybrid garages: an EV like this one for 95% of our driving (commuting, errands, shopping, taking kids to school, lessons, soccer, etc.) and a "workhorse" vehicle for the other 5% (snow, cross-country trips, towing, hauling).

Anonymous said...

I like Hybrids coz they are highly fuel-efficient and have very low emissions.

Japan Auction said...

I just wish I could afford one of this highly fuel-efficient cars Mitch is talking bout and is it even available here in the Philippines?