Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Toyota's Plug-in Prius: Out of the Pod, Into the Podcast

Toyota's plug-in Prius comes out of the closet. No translation needed. Take a look.

Main Specifications of Toyota Plug-in HV
Vehicle Name TOYOTA Plug-in HV
Length / Width / Height 4,445 / 1,725 / 1,490mm
Weight 1,360kg
Seating capacity 5 persons
Performance in
electric vehicle mode Cruising range 13km in the 10-15 Japanese test cycle
Maximum vehicle speed 100km/h
Engine Displacement 1,496cc
Maximum output 56kW(76PS) / 5,000rpm
Maximum torque 110N-m (11.2kg-m) / 4,000rpm
Motor Type AC synchronous motor
Maximum output 50kW(68PS) / 1,200 — 1,540rpm
Maximum torque 400N-m(40.8kg-m) / 0 — 1,200rpm
Secondary battery Type Nickel-metal hydride
Capacity 13Ah (6.5Ah x 2)
Rated voltage 202V
Overall system Maximum output* 100kW (136PS)
Voltage 202 — 500V
Battery charging Power source Household electrical power
Charging time 1 — 1.5hrs (200V), 3 — 4hrs (100V)
*Based on TMC calculations; output that the system can achieve using engine power and electric motor power (electric motor power is dependent on battery power)


Unknown said...

I'll take one! Minus the flowers and birds, of course ;-)

Seriously, though, the charge cord has an inline box. Looks like it may the electronics to do the voltage sensing and communication with the vehicle. Very nice. Sure beats dedicated charging stations.

LouEff said...

I found an announcement inthe LA Times re: uc helping test plug in Prius:,1,7201137,print.story?coll=la-headlines-business&ctrack=1&cset=true

Anonymous said...

The car traveling in the opposite direction at minute 1:07 in the video has a similar paint scheme as the plug-in Prius... Any guess if it is another plug in, a full BEV or ?

LouEff said...

Hi Anonymous, That car is an eCom at 1:07. There's a description at:

I wonder if they will sell the eCom anywhere.

elazzari said...

Hey, why the baby steps Toyota???
Where do we go from here???

Anonymous said...

Hi Lou!

The ecom they describe looks like a much upgraded version of my 1976 Citicar... (if you can consider the Citicar an 8088 and the ecom a P4...)

Makes me wonder why the things aren't for sale here. But then again we went to the moon 30-some years ago, and haven't 'discovered' the technology to go back. When enough of us EV folks are around to create a critical mass of support, things will change...

Anonymous said...

If Toyota wants to sell this, how will they get around the Cobasys settlement that limits the size of NiMH batteries they can put in vehicles?

See this for more:

Li-Ion should be the answer. NiMH is a quagmire.