Monday, August 23, 2010

Stop tinkering: Sierra Club Chief touts vehicle electrification

After spending time in the Gulf, the Sierra Club's new executive director, Michael Brune, ponders getting off oil in "Create," his Sierra Magazine commentary. After extolling biking and transit, he concludes:
"The single most effective thing we can do as a country to get off oil, however, is to electrify transportation. The days of tinkering around with tiny increases in fuel economy should be long gone. As detailed in "The Latest From the Labs," page 38, even the dirtiest electricity is cleaner than internal combustion. Happily, the alternatives are already here—or arriving soon."
[Source: Sierra Magazine]


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liveoilfree said...

Michael Brune comes to us from Rainforest Action Network, which has been the most steadfast supporter of EVs (with American Lung Assn.). Brune, and now the Sierra Club, really "get it" -- the big issue, the issue that affects almost all others, the one issue that makes the most difference -- is OIL. And you can't eliminate oil imports (and excessive oil burning) without talking about solar power to make the electric, and plug-in cars (with electrified trains) to replace oil-fired cars and diesel-electric trains.

The Sierra Club can be a powerful help in unravelling the power of Big Oil and in moving to clean plug-in cars.

Urban runoff: HTB study shows that oil droplets (etc.) form the worst part.

Peace: no peace so long as we have to defend Chevron's oil supply lines.

Air pollution: the closer kids live to freeways, the more permanent lung damage. It's not the freeway, it's the oil-fired cars driving on it.

Refineries: biggest industrial user of electric and natural gas, squatting on wetlands and polluting air, water, land. No need for them if we have EVs and solar power!

Coal: Solar power can easily replace coal for electric generation. Essentially NO oil is used for electric generation, and NO coal mining is clean. Mountaintop removal kills blueline streams!

It goes on and on, the good things that will happen when we reduce or eliminate oil imports.

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