Monday, July 26, 2010

Raving about my RAV4 EV (again)

The recent Toyota-Tesla announcement regarding a new generation of RAV4 EVs has sparked interest in the originals, here, in the San Francisco Chronicle.


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liveoilfree said...

To this date, none of the supposedly "coming" EVs, nor the Tesla Roadster, use NiMH and NONE can duplicate the performance envelope of the RAV4-EV:

Battery pack $7,000 (est. CARB);
Lasts over 100K miles, maybe 200K;
Carries 5 passengers and 1000+ lbs. tools;
Proven in millions of miles to last over 10 years on the same battery pack.

Why not one supposed EV using the PROVEN battery pack, why has it been abandoned since the Chevron lawsuit stopped Toyota's production in Nov., 2002?

Could it be that the oil-auto companies want EVs to fail, and are using the same technique as in 1994, using the WRONG BATTERY.

Joshua's Law said...

I don't think oil companies want EVs to fail but we can't rolled the possibility, but even after having nano technology, very good chemical technologies we are unable to see the major change in our automobiles, make be because of auto makers do not concentrating on R&D or they do not wish to produce the high efficient vehicles any way sooner or later those also need to move towards future technology else they became history

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