Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Production Tesla Roadster on its Way to US

Tesla has sent a letter to those who have ordered one of its Roadsters with some good news. The first Roadster is on its way. All necessary EPA, DOT and NHTSA approvals have been received. And series production begins in March, beginning at the rate of one per week.

The much discussed problems with the original 2 speed transmission will be resolved with an interim one speed so as not to delay early production. Initial acceleration will slow from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds to 5.7. This laggard will be replaced later this year by a new one-speed that will achieve the original design specs once testing is completed. The cars' transitional transmission will then be replaced free.

Tesla stores in LA and Menlo Park are under construction and will be open when cars are delivered to provide service.

And what should be an exciting Q&A session for owners will take place on January 30.

And Motortrend is the first of the big car mags with a review, here.


Anonymous said...

This is terrific news. I really want this company to succeed. Seeing Tesla Motors sell just one more roadster than GM leased EV1's would be grand. Selling twice as many would be the greatest revenge for crushing perfectly good cars. GM says "there's no demand", right, then how is this company flourishing? I would like to rub it in GM's face and say "this could have been you" the company people picture when the electric car is mentioned.

Raffy Long said...

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