Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Subaru to Show EV in Tokyo

Another auto maker is suggesting the future is with electric cars.

CNet is reporting Subaru will be showing an electric car prototype at the Tokyo Auto Show later this month. Unlike many electric prototypes - Nissan's Pivo comes to mind - the G4e looks like it could appear in showrooms today. Story includes a photo and gives some stats: Lithium batteries, 125 mile range, but no word on whether it's actually to go into production.

Cnet's story raises two important questions. Will a mainstream producer of an electric car spell trouble for the small companies - Tesla, Th!nk, Miles, Phoenix - hoping to enter the EV space abandoned by the majors?

And, will consumers accept a sub-200 mile range car?

Clearly, the first major to offer an EV will have a tremendous market advantage. Whether any are truly brave enough remains to be seen.

On the range front, most of us who have experience with OEM electrics know 125 miles is more than adequate. There are at least a few thousand ex-EV1, EV+ and Th!nk City drivers waiting for the opportunity to buy a 75 -150 mile range EV. Bring 'em on!


Anonymous said...

You can bet your boots I'd buy an electric car with 125 mile range! That's all anybody needs unless you're a courier or a long-haul trucker. Come on, look at all the benefits of not driving an internal combustion engine - no oil changes, no tune ups, ZERO EMISSIONS. has great videos and links talking about electric cars.

kert said...

"Unlike many electric prototypes, the G4e looks like it could appear in showrooms today."

I dont get it .. Theres Mitsubishi MiEV, Subarus own R1E and Nissan Mixim.
All electric prototypes, and some of them already in fleet testing with TEPCO partnership. They all look very much like regular city commuter cars, they even look a bit better than G4e.
Who does nobody ever remember these ?

Tony Belding said...

I don't think these Japanese electrics (from Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubishi) spell doom for the start-up companies like Th!nk, as CNet would imply.

If anything, they are validating the BEV concept. If these come to market, they'll fire up demand. Then the companies facing "doom" won't be Th!nk or Tesla, it will be those companies without anything electric to offer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are a fair number of people interested in a 100-125 mile range vehicle. Many will purchase the EV for their daily use and either use their partner's vehicle for the out-of-town or borrow one for the once or twice per year they need more range.

My apartment's outside plug awaits company...

Doug Weathers said...

"And, will consumers accept a sub-200 mile range car?"

Clearly they will, if it looks like a Hummer.