Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Charging Cars in England, Fast Charging in Norway

Business Green Blog in the UK reports on a plan to install 250 EV charging stations in England. Elektromotive is making a sleek charge point with a tiny footprint.

CNNMoney reports on a cooperative effort of Aerovironment, AltairNano and two European partners demonstrating fast charging on a converted full size 5 passenger Fiat Doblo in Norway.

It's no coincidence these reports are out of England and Norway. Both are seeing serious electric vehicle activity. The congestion charge in London has spurred electric car availability and sales. Th!nk Global will be selling its electric cars in Norway again soon.

As a daily driver of a Toyota-built electric car here in California, I'm all in favor of public charging stations and fast charging. But although lack of public charging and fast charging are often cited as a problem inhibiting EV acceptance, until we have electric cars in showrooms, neither really matters. In reality, public charging is as close as the nearest outlet. Ultimately, the market and citizen action will take care of both once cars are available.


Anonymous said...

England and Norway have very short commuter distances, or any kind of distances, for that matter. GM is much further along with a practical electric vehicle that is a viable alternative to
gasoline cars than any simple demonstration of fast charging, which Altair did two years ago,
and still hasn't any serious customers - too heavy, too weak, and too expensive are their batteries. All-electrics are a decade away, at least, but plug-ins can do 95% as much as all electrics and are affordable.

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