Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"When money flows from the ocean floor"

In January 2007 it was reported from Davos that Shimon Peres was in talks to bring an electric car factory to Israel. I wrote:
It's about time. If there's one country that ought to have long ago developed a domestic electric car industry it is Israel. No oil of its own should be reason enough. Every drop purchased on the international markets propping up its sworn enemies should be reason enough. Not very far to drive in this very small country should be reason enough. Lots of high tech brainpower should be reason enough. Dayenu.
The beginnings of Better Place, of course. Also, one could hope, the beginning of the transformation of Israel from a vulnerable fossil-fuel deficient and dependent nation into a 21st century renewable energy beacon.

Now it seems the discovery of natural gas off the coast may have moved Israel's eye off the prize.
"The beautiful vision evaporated in the bureaucratic grinders, and the prime minister fell into the very trap against which he had warned. When money flows from the ocean floor, who has time to think about correcting the world?"
Read the interesting tale here.

[Source: Ha'aretz]


Auto Loans said...

Good innovetion for Israel if they continue to develop EV in their country. This will help them a lot because they don't need to have much fuels for their vehicles.

JP said...

While I'm all for electric vehicles I have a different take on Better Place.