Thursday, May 20, 2010

Toyota and Tesla make a deal; NUMMI back in business

This is a big deal. Biggest EV news since Carlos Ghosn got religion.
I just watched the press conference where Musk and Toyoda announced an agreement.

Toyota's investing in Tesla.
Tesla's buying the NUMMI factory.
Model S and subsequent vehicles will be made at NUMMI.
Tesla won't oppose any union activity.

This is obviously great for Tesla and advocates of electric cars.
It's great for the San Francisco Bay Area.

It's also great for Toyota. They appear forward-looking. And give people something other than brake problems to think about when they hear "Toyota."

Toyota gets to continue their "everything hybrid" goal without damaging the brand's strategy.

And they take their great knowledge of electric vehicles off the shelf where it gathers dust.

As one whose 8 year old Toyota electric car with 78,000 miles on the original battery pack drove exactly 100 miles yesterday using 89% of the charge, I welcome Toyota back.


Mother Muckraker said...


Musk said:
As far as the union is concerned, we’re neutral on that. We won’t fight any union activity, but [we're] not explicitly cultivating it.

What he says should not be taken at face value. Musk has already mislead Downey city officials about a new plant there. Oftentimes, the "fight" against unionization is not direct and they use their own employees who don't know any better to fight unionization.

honey said...

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