Friday, October 23, 2009

Self-fulfilled prophesy: Toyota FT-EV II concept

Toyota is always saying consumers just don't want an electric car. Range is too short and too much is different about EVs, Toyota contends.

If merely plugging in is too much change, do they expect people to take seriously an EV that requires an entirely different way of piloting the vehicle?

Why, really, are they showing a concept electric car with less than half the range of Toyota's own decade-old RAV4 EV?

Is it too much to suggest that fifty-mile range and "joystick-like controls that feature a steam-punk design motif" is meant to confirm the negative notions about electric cars Toyota wants consumers to believe?

Yanquetino gets it right in his comment on the story:
Translation: "EVs are punishment cars."


Yanquetino said...

Glad to see that you agree, Marc. And the same can be said for Honda's smokescreen EV:

Methinks it is all a ploy to discourage consumers from taking a serious look at EVs. Truly nasty business tactics, if you ask me.

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Alexander said...

I have to admit that I am not a fan of electric cars but it does seem that they have not put effort in making the electric car more sellable.