Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Iceland Prez pops hydrogen bubble; Looking to electric cars

The last, best hope of hydrogen and fuel cell for vehicles is down for the count. After grand ambitions and lofty rhetoric, reality has set in. Iceland was to be the test platform. But ten fuel cell cars and a Shell filling station do not a transformation make.

EVs represent a faster way forward according to Iceland's President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson. Iceland to working with Mitsubishi to bring iMIEVs in large numbers, and cooperating with other Nordic countries to create a unified market for EVs. Read Jim Motavalli's informative blogpost about his conversation with the President.


thehydrogentoystore said...

Poor Icelan, they need to consider the bifuel platform Which will allow the use of the existing system with an added benefit. We design researcha nd develop hydrogen generator injection systems for the vehicles in smal to large semi trucks. We would be more than willing to assist anyone in further knowled and our test results. We can be found at please remember we have been researching th technology so we can give insight to the mistake people have had win the past. Written by Agent Smith

Mark said...

Saw your interview on the BBC the other night on a trip to Helsinki. Very informative and glad to hear your optimism over EV potential. Wondered if you knew Jiri Rasanen of eCars Now! based in Helsinki. The folks who have launched a global EV conversion movement and seem to have been gaining traction. Why try to replace 1 billion cars on the road today when the technology exists to convert millions of them? I had the pleasure of meeting Jiri who gave me a preview of the upcoming EV World in that city this Nov. They plan to exhibit a number of vehicle conversions. My current car is the MINI E - at least until June. Best. mw

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. I see many people building their own hydrogen generators to save money on gas bills. Seems like the trend is gonna rise soon and most of us would be running our cars on water

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