Sunday, June 7, 2009

Toyota pooh-poohs the plug

In the wake of Secretary Chu's defunding hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles, Toyota continues its assault on the inevitable plug. They don't want to be rushed into it. Automakers the world round have had 100 years to suck every ounce of profit possible from the internal combustion engine, and Toyota intends to get at least a few decades out of its lead in gasoline-only hybrid vehicles. Somehow battery plug-in cars within thousands of dollars of cost competitiveness "enter the world of Star Trek" according to Bill Reinert, who nonetheless trumpets hydrogen fuel cell cars only a few hundred thousand each from any semblance of marketability.

Irv Miller of Toyota says of plug-ins "this dog won't hunt." Yet he cites the example of his own wife as one for whom it could work.

See the NY Times Wheels blog for more.


Anonymous said...

"Irv Miller of Toyota says of plug-ins "this dog won't hunt." Yet he cites the example of his own wife as one for whom it could work."

I see Toyota is spouting insanity just like GM.

Just purchased a 2009 Prius this spring since it's the best thing for mileage. With careful driving, been getting 56 mpg. Currently trying a new route and getting in the 60's. So, Toyota, when a company produces a safe demonstrably reliable electric car, I will ditch the Prius and purchase their car. I will not keep buying gas, funding terror, expecting people (troops) to die to defend fuel supplies, pay outrageous prices, wait in line for gas, etc.

My car is used to commute to work and not travel. So, an electric that will perform in the winter and give stable range of 50 miles will work just fine. Here's a side thought. Everyone worries about the range in winter trying to keep the car warm. This is the 21st century, are we all saying manufacturers couldn't put in an electronically controlled boiler to instantly heat the interior and also the coolant that would surround the battery pack. Yes, it would need to burn a liquid fuel, likely gas, but that would be acceptable for the winter months. In spring, summer and fall, it's 100% electric. Those living in warm climates would never use gas.

There sure is a lot of resistance to electrics out there.

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