Sunday, May 17, 2009

Toyota spokesman on PHEVs at EVS

You can smell the PHEV procrastination. Asked by the reporter when the plug-in Prius on display will be available in Norway, he replies:
"This is the first demonstration program. We have a small number of vehicles in Paris, France and in the UK and we're involved in gathering some data to understand how consumers actually use these vehicles...We will start much bigger scale demonstration... 100 vehicles in Strassbourg, and it's intended a 3 year trial to understand how consumers react, how they use the vehicle, to gather information and this will enable us to decide the best way to configure the vehicle and then we can make decisions about marketing. No decision about introduction of plug-in hybrid vehicle. The whole reason is we have to do the trial to better understand consumer requirements..."

[Source: Electricaid/Norstart]


Aminorjourney (Nikki) said...

Oh that is so lame.

C'mon Toyota. Put it together. Those of us who own and run a plug in hybrid (because we got tired waiting for one) have already proven the market and demand for one. Not to mention the fact that a consumer based trial isn't a consumer based trail when you only use big business as the test platform.


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