Sunday, May 31, 2009

Snarky CNBC report on "obsessed" Mini E driver

The first consumer with a Mini E lease, Peter Trepp, was interviewed on CNBC. The vroom- obsessed anchor concludes with an erroneous and unprofessional "gotcha" about coal. The report exudes such bias, you may want to let CNBC know how you feel here.


paul scott said...

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I just saw the video clip of the interview with the fellow driving the electric Mini E. The person who conducted the interview made a comment at the end of the piece that was snide and left the viewers with an insinuation that is unsupported by the facts. The comment had to do with using coal generated electricity to charge the car.

I felt the interviewer was unprofessional and should not be allowed to interview anyone on this subject again. Or, he should interview me. I will answer his false claim with the facts.

CNBC appears to be less than professional when you allow such things to happen.

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Robert said...

Wow thats the most biased reporter I've seem in a long time, every comment of his was a vailed put down. Peter did a great job rebuking each one, until he was cut off.

Paul Russell said...

Unreal... That's not reporting. Sure part of our electricity comes from "dirty" coal. (That almost suggests that there is actually something called clean coal, which there isn't.)

But dropping that statement in and not giving the guy a chance to respond is grandstanding not reporting. It looks like Peter is planning to respond to this on a future blog post.

If you're interested in one answer to the coal question have a look at this well to wheel analysis.

Someone should remind that anchor that when he talks C02 is released from his mouth. He could do us all a favor if he stopped or at least thought a bit before he spoke.

Anonymous said...

I left a comment on CNBC's website. This guy is a jerk!

Anonymous said...













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repo cars said...

95mph is damn good! And the regenerative breaking is nice tech. The dirty coal thing was just a wind-up comment from somebody who owns a gas-guzzler and couldn't care less.

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