Friday, January 9, 2009

RAV4 EV with 95,000 miles sells at auction

Occasionally a RAV4 EV sells used on the open market. Yesterday one sold at auction for $32,600. Why so low, some bloggers are asking? Why so high is the real question. $32K is about what the original purchaser paid back in 2003, after the $9000 rebate then in effect in California. Is there another car that has so retained it's value?


Randy C. said...

The reason it went for so little is that it was a local auction not a main stream, nation wide or international auction. This reduced the number of bidders that knew about the car. If the auction house had known or cared they could of put it on eBay and received 50% to 100% more than they did.

Anonymous said...

In addition, sold so low because the car has 93,000 miles and according to someone that tested it, the batteries are worn.