Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Menahem Anderman: Enough Already

Menahem Anderman, PhD, is Mister Battery Consultant. CARB, DOE, Congress all seem to turn to him to analyze the state of battery technology. His reports always suggest batteries won't quite cut it for freeway-capable cars. His report at CARB in 2003 seemed to suggest the electric cars then on the road couldn't be functioning as well as they were. Drivers of electric cars were stunned at his low opinion of the state of battery technology. He's always called upon, contracted with, and his report inevitably finds batteries wanting.

At EVS23 he stopped at the Plug In America booth to challenge what he felt was the overly optimistic tone taken by these advocates in their questioning at various sessions. One of the things he specifically said to Sherry Boschert, author of Plug-in Hybrids, to demonstrate the inadequacy of NiMH in electric cars was that the batteries have been replaced in many of SCE's fleet of RAV4-EVs. Chelsea Sexton of Plug In America inquired of Ed Kjaer at SCE to find out what the truth is. Here's what Mr. Kjaer wrote in response to the inquiry:
How he [Anderman] arrives at this fanciful assertion is frankly mystifying to us.

Were he to actually ask we would tell him that the majority of our EV fleet has consisted of '98 and '99 MY RAV4 vehicles. Of the almost 14,000 NiMH battery modules powering these EVs only a little less than 0.5% had to be replaced!

A powerful testament to Toyota and Panasonic design, quality, durability and reliability. And what is even more impressive is the fact that these vehicles were from the 1990's.

Hopefully this answers Sherry's question...for the record!
Getting a government contract to express one's informed opinion about batteries is one thing. That Mr Anderman always find them wanting despite evidence to the contrary is, perhaps, his right. But spreading malicious falsehoods without asking for evidence from those in the know suggests a lack of professionalism that ought raise questions about his analysis and methodology. It's past time for CARB and other agencies to broaden their search for objective consultants to analyze the state of battery technology.


FBB said...


Thanks for this. It seems that the majority of those participating in the anti-EV PR campaign are anonymous and difficult to pin down. It is always useful to know the identities of some of these folks.

Hewman1 said...

The President, Vice President and half of Bush Cabinet members work or worked in the oil industry. It is only natural that their chosen "expert" would, too.

Whatever educational institution credentialed this liar should reconsider its error.

Anonymous said...
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Mike said...

What I find tiring "Mr. Anonymous" is that you back up none of your assertions with any tangible fact. The "lies and truths" as you state them are merely your opinion which you are clearly entitled to (provided you're not a HAL2000 computer - I mean without an identity who knows). However, the technologies and realities of H2 that you tout clearly are NOT what is being produced by the car makers in their prototype hydrogen vehicles. Your comparisons of the best "case scenario H2" (which is in fact nothing more than science fiction atm) to the aged PbA and Li-Ion technologies is convenient for your argument, but fundamentally flawed.

Haven't you heard about Mr. Fusion? It creates energy through recycling bio waste to power an onboard fusion reactor. It's light years ahead of H2!

Please back up your assertions with fact and examples if you want to be taken seriously (oh, and your identity would help too). Short of those things, you're just a corporate lacky, rhetoric spewer, and coward.

That's of course only my opinion. And just because I said it doesn't make it anymore factual that you wild-assed assertions.

Luxury Cars said...


I agree with you. Can't read what Mr. Anonymous has said as that post has been removed. However I can sense it.

Anonymous said...

For at least the last ten years, the Zebra battery has been available for electric cars for 100 plus mile ranges. The Zebra battery is not suitable alone for the Wright Speed but could be combined with a tiny composite flywheel for that purpose.

There is a cost issue now due to the low numbers of Zebra batteries being produced, but they have better performance than the two Lithium Ion batteries offered with the TH!NK.

Mr. Ian Wright has correctly made the decision that the way to go is series hybrid not electric. Wright will use some batteries for longer range low power operation and perhaps acceleration and a small fuel engine operated only at peak efficiency from a fuel tank for range. Composite flywheels in mass production would be better and cheaper than any electrochemical cell or Ultra capacitors for peak power. He also correctly states that the market is low efficiency trucks and SUVs.

EV1s would make great serial plug in hybrids with existing batteries.

Do not rely on OFFICIAL opinions always insist upon numbers...HG...

Anonymous said...

If NiMH was as unreliable as Menahem Anderman claims, I don't think Chevron-Texaco would have been so eager to 'capture' it.
I would like to see Menahem Anderman ask Chevron-Texaco why they won't allow NiMH for use in pure battery electric vehicles.
I believe their answer would prove interesting.
-Guy Incognito

Anonymous said...

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