Monday, December 3, 2007

Entourage Star Breaks Parking Law in BMW Hydrogen 7

It's a shame the video on doesn't include the reporter's voiceover, because the narration I heard when the story aired on TV caught the reality of hydrogen hype better than most serious enviro journalism. Automakers using movie stars to greenwash was its essence. The story, as reported on
He's all for saving the environment, but Jeremy Piven also likes to break the law!

TMZ caught Piven in front of the Newsroom Cafe on Robertson with his new hydrogen-powered BMW yesterday, where the "Entourage" star asked us to tell the Governator to get more hydrogen stations. Sure, Ari!

It's great that he's going green -- but does that make him special enough to park in a red zone?!


Keith said...

Soon Ted Danson or Leo Dicaprio will double park in front of a police station in some alt powered vehicle and make the E! news when it gets towed or crunched. But at least it will get those who love the celebs aware of electric cars and the like.

Keep up the good blog work!

Keith Rockmael

Evan Little said...

FORGET HYDROGEN FUEL CELL! Arnold and Shell prancing around the state, opening hydrogen pumps is not my idea of tax payer money well spent. Big oil is desperate to keep us hooked on their juice. They'd buy the sun if they could afford it.

GREENWASH... massive problem.