Friday, November 16, 2007

Th!nk on the Move

Aftenposten TV news clip of the new Th!nk City here including shots of the assembly line and interview with CEO Jan Olaf Willums. The report mentions a price for the car and monthly charge for the battery, but more than that I couldn't comprehend. How's your Norwegian?


Audun Vaaler said...

A brief translation:

The report is from Th!nk's factory in Aurskog, Norway.

Journalist: Relatively comfortable. Long range - 180 km. Usable for daily driving.

Willums: Very safe. Crash tests. Very good margins compared to other cars. Battery permits driving 180 km per charge.

Journalist: Small car. Left elbow touches door. Two persons in the car is OK, but becomes a bit intimate. Right knee touches sharp edge on dashboard. Noise is annoying at higher speeds. OK in town, but with the range of the current car many will probably want to drive it outside the city as well.

Plastic body. Cars will cost 200,000 kroner. Batteries will cost 1200 kroner per month. Production starts in November. 2000 cars will be produced during 2008.

Anonymous said...

200,000.00 kroner = $31,621.05 USD
1 USD = 6.32490 SEK

Luxury Cars said...

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