Thursday, November 29, 2007

First New Th!nk City Rolls Off Line

Good news from Norway. Automotive News (subscription required) reports:
Think Global has launched production of an electric minicar for European markets. On Wednesday, the first City minicar rolled off the assembly line at Think’s plant in Aurskog, northeast of Oslo. “This project is on time. We are building full production cars with all the right components from the right suppliers,” Think Global CEO Jan-Olaf Willums said.
In the wake of Tesla's decision not to sell it's batteries, word is the first cars will be using the Zebra battery.


Anonymous said...

Th!nk's press release is off the following page:

Robin Yan said...

why did tesla decide not to sell its batteries?

Marc Geller said...

I believe Tesla has put off making a business selling batteries to concentrate on their core business, getting their car on the road. Until the Roadster is being delivered, that should be job #1.