Thursday, October 4, 2007

Does Nissan Get It?

Cnet reports "Nissan bets on electric cars, not biofuels."
Minoru Shinohara, senior vice president and general manager of the Technology Development Division at Nissan says making a car run on biofuels is, of course, easy, but the benefit of easily available, affordable electric fuel, will trump ethanol or biodiesel, at least for city cars. "The most important thing is availability of fuel," Shinohara said.

Interestingly, he says Nissan is not so excited about plug-in hybrids. An all-electric car is certainly technically much simpler than a PHEV, and perhaps ultimately less expensive to produce.


kert said...

its not just Nissan Mixim.
Theres Renault talking about yet unannounced BEV, Mitsubishi MiEV and Subaru R1E.
Dont expect the big three to get it, its always the smaller players, seeking out their niches.

storm said...

What is with the "ultimately less expensive to produce" comment? They are initially less expensive. Adding a gas engine for training wheel purposes ain't cheap.

Anonymous said...

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