Monday, August 6, 2007

Imagine the Volt

Seventeen years ago GM could imagine, and then produce, an electric car. Check out this 13 minute GM video on the car that became the EV1. Commenting on its technological achievements, John Zwerner, GM Advanced Product Engineering, says "we wanted to drive a stake in the to what a contemporary produceable electric vehicle would look like and how it would perform if we were to build such a vehicle." Instead, as we know, GM drove a stake in its heart. Literally. Right through the controller after they confiscated each EV1 from consumers. The video makes quite plain the societal and personal benefits of electric cars, and how GM actually met the challenge. GM hasn't got another 17 years to make this real.

By the way, that's Alec Brooks in the still of the video. He's now working at Tesla.

Tip of the Hat to Stefano Paris


Anonymous said...

This makes me skeptical GM will come through with sales of the Volt. If they don't it will be amazing if they survive as a company. After watching "Who Kill the Electric Car" and this PR piece, I'm just baffled about what is running through the corporate mind of GM. The good news is Toyota is testing plug-in Pirus with real rubber on the road cars in California and Japan.

Well GM, if you're really going to do it, it better happen in 2009 because rumor has it Toyota will have their plug-in available by then. I'm ready to buy, who wants my sale?

Anonymous said...

I would support a law that requires all consumer products to display a label showing the environmental impacts of production, use and recycling.