Thursday, July 19, 2007

Huckabee: The electric car of the 2008 race

Election blog points us to an unexpected positive and apt analogy to electric cars by a Republican candidate for President. Mike Huckabee, ex-Governor of Arkansas and longshot contender, said in an interview decrying the wasteful spending of his GOP rivals:
“You will not find a more frugal operation than ours and you will also not find a more efficient, better miles per gallon,” said Huckabee, who did not single out any opponents specifically. “If anything, we’ve become the electric car of the 2008 race. We have gotten more for what we have spent.”
Although Huckabee gets it right, the blogger gets it all wrong. From his/her suggestion that the film Who Killed the Electric Car? was aimed at liberals to the comment that the electric car was a massive failure.

I responded:
First off, the film wasn’t aimed at liberals or conservatives. It was aimed at Americans. And it had many certifiable conservatives speaking about the issue, including Frank Gaffney (from the Reagan administration) and Lieberman Democrat ex-CIA director James Woolsey both supporting electric cars for the national security benefits of switching to electrons from petroleum.

Secondly, as battery electric cars are incontestably the most efficient vehicles on the road, Huckabee’s comparison of his lean campaign to an electric car seems apt.

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