Wednesday, April 25, 2007

121K Mile RAV4 EV Featured in Electric Car Story

An excellent piece on electric cars by Steven Wickens in the Toronto Star here. Praising his Toyota RAV4 EV, Avi Hershkovitz says,
"I've put more than 121,000 miles (195,000 km) on this vehicle, and it's definitely the best, most reliable thing I've ever driven."

He adds: "I'd probably still have an EV1 if GM hadn't forced me to give it back.
Let's not forget, as GM hypes the Volt, 1000 140-range NiMH EV1 electric cars rot in the Arizona sun. Had they not been destroyed they would be driving the roads still, evidence of what electric cars can do, evidence of what GM can do.

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jim said...

If we don't start buying and supporting these fledging electric vehicles, Detroit will keep shoving the cars on us that make them money and cost us too much money.