Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Brian Howey Get's it

I love it when someone outside our EV and hybrid world truly begins to understand the connections at play here. I also hope for his next column he finds out some more about the exciting things going on with Plugin-hybrids, like the Chevrolet Volt and other pure EV's being announced and driven currently.

Read Brian Howey's entire article here, but below is the last comment that sort of sums things up.

"Now, watch Who Killed the Electric Car? the documentary about the zero emission EV1 that everyone from GM to the White House caved on and tell me if you think this generation of political leaders has served America well, or whether we'll be condemned to repeat the blunders of the past. I will follow up with another column"

Brian, we look forward to your next column. Give us or pluginamerica.com a buzz and someone can let you know about the latest things that are going on. The pressure is mounting on the industry... Finally... We hope :)


telex said...

Its guys like these who need to be swiftly informed about things like GM EV1 series-hybrid prototype, demoed in .. 1999.
The question "Why" needs to be asked more loudly.
They had a working prototype of series hybrid in 1999.
Almost eight years later they come out with Volt Concept ( which is, in some ways, technically inferior to EV1 hybrid ) and still hide behind the excuse that batteries arent ready.

RancherD said...

Hey kert,
We might know about the previous serial ev-1 hybrid and other things that are now being showcased as "new", but what I find talking to folks all over is they don't really seem to care except for what is now going on. Mostly they just want to know when they can buy.

Anonymous said...

Hey.. I know it is no comparison to the ev1 but last weekend my wife and I checked out the zap car which was brought to the states by honda in their environmental motor dept. http://www.zapworld.com. It gets 30 miles on a charge and goes up to 40 miles an hour. great for just running around town or a second car.

The best best thing is .... in April they are coming out with one that is solar powered! just thought i would spread the word..